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SLHS 1301W - The Physics and Biology of Spoken Language (4 cr.)
This course covers the physics and biology of spoken language, from the talker’s production of sounds and words, to the transmission of sound, to the listener’s perception of what was said. Computer analysis and synthesis of speech are incorporated into the course content.

SLHS 1401/3401 - Communication Differences and Disorders (3 cr.)
This course presents disorders of spoken communication and their functional effect on quality of life for individuals with communication disorders. Intervention techniques for specific disorders of speech, language, and hearing are addressed in the context of social, cultural, and linguistic diversity.

SLHS 1402 - The Talking Brain (3 cr.)
This course is designed for a broad range of majors and addresses brain-language relationships, contrasting scientific and popular media illustrations of language variation and disorders.

SLHS 3302 - Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech and Hearing Mechanisms (3 cr.)
The course is designed to teach the gross anatomy and basic physiology of the nervous, auditory, respiratory, laryngeal, velopharyngeal, and orofacial systems with an emphasis on normal communication processes.

SLHS 3303 - Language Acquisition and Science (3 cr.)
This course is constructed as a survey of typical language development and major theoretical perspectives about development. Applications of current theory to analysis of children’s language are presented.

SLHS 3304 - Phonetics (3 cr.)
This course covers phonetic analysis, transcription of speech, articulatory correlates of speech sounds, and practicum in transcription of speech sounds. Emphasis is provided in narrow transcription of normal adult English and special populations in speech-language pathology.

SLHS 3305W - Speech Science (3 cr.)
This course is a survey of theories, methods, and research in the discipline of speech science. It includes the areas of speech acoustics, speech perception, and speech production.

SLHS 3306 - Hearing Science (3 cr.)
This course addresses theories, methods, and research in psychological and physiological acoustics with emphasis on the relation between physiological measures and perception. Topics include cochlear microphonics, auditory nerve firing patterns, scaling, and object perception.

SLHS 3402W - Major Project (3 cr.)
This course is the seminar for completion of the undergraduate major project paper by students in the fall semester of their junior or senior year.

SLHS 4301 – Introduction to the Neuroscience of Human Communication (3 cr.)
This course covers basic neuroanatomy and neurophysiology, specifically as they relate to normal speech, language, and hearing processes.

SLHS 4402 – Assessment and Treatment in Speech-Language Pathology (3 cr.)
This course is an introduction to clinical methods/issues in communication disorders. Professional/legal mandates, collection/analysis of clinical data, principles/models of intervention with adults/children, clinical reporting.

SLHS 4801 – Hearing Measurement and Disorders (3 cr.)
This course is designed as an introduction to theory, administration, and interpretation of behavioral/physiological hearing tests for all age groups. Immitance, pure tone, speech, otoacoustic emissions, and evoked potentials measures are presented with an emphasis on hearing-screening protocols.

SLHS 4802 - Rehabilitative Audiology (3 cr.)
This course provides a survey of sensory aids and methods used in rehabilitation across the life span after the diagnosis of hearing loss. It provides a discussion of the degree of hearing loss, developmental level, communication modalities, client/family choice, disability, and cultural considerations.